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custom tailored lady killer [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Oct 2004|03:23pm]
its backk friends only once again, comment to be added

[23 Aug 2004|05:45pm]


[22 Aug 2004|09:50am]
[ mood | complacent ]

Zach's lastnite
Practice yesterday,and today
Nothing to say.


everyone go!!! [14 Aug 2004|01:06am]

August 28th

Paris in Peril
Passenger of a Backseat Driver and
Stands for Nothing
@ Opelousas Little Theatre, 7pm, $5


This might let some people release their anger,or maybe confess something. [04 Aug 2004|01:08am]
I'm not making this friends only for a reason...

Post anything that you want anonymously in a comment.
Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, whatever.
Make sure to post anonymously. Post as many times as you'd like.

Don't hold anything back.

update from new orleans [27 Jul 2004|02:12am]
[ mood | crushed ]

pictures galoreCollapse )


[16 Jul 2004|02:57pm]

If you liked reading this, get a fucking livejournal.


[16 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
Wow, things have gone too far,
and has gotten out of hand.
People have gotten invovled who don't belong.
Much shit has been talked on both sides, and so forth.
I give up, nothing is being achieved by this.
This is absolutely not an apology, just a ...I don't know.
I just want to play music.
Who cares if someone doesn't like your band?
I know a lot of people who claim they don't like ours,
yet have never heard us play a show.
It's gotten out of hand.
No one needs to change their mind or like anyone else; however,
it would help the scene and our bands a like if we kept our opinions to ourselves.

Days of Our Lives, right. [16 Jul 2004|03:02am]
What in the world? Could someone please explain to me what is going on?
Fuck, whatever. Don't mind that.
It's really later and I really need to talk to someone, vent maybe?
I over exaggerate like a girl. hahah
Good god it's late.

[15 Jul 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I hate when things don't go the way I want them to go, but then again, who doesn't?
Im a fooooooooooooooooooooool.

"Well look who's dying now
Slit wristless sleeping with the girl next door
I always knew you were such a sucker for that
It doesn't matter what you say
You never mattered anyway
Never mattered anyway"

Later kids.


[15 Jul 2004|02:02pm]
amanda = camera whoreCollapse )

peace punks!! ahhhhhh!! [15 Jul 2004|01:46pm]
We had band practice at the shed this morning, funny.

We were all so dead and tired as shit, but after we took a break and went to burger king things got better. Ryan will be outta town until Tuesday, so no practices until then. All of us can have a chance to go on our own and just write some more new material. I haven't written anything new in awhile. Todays practice, I believe, was Tyler's last with the band, but i'm not sure. I hope our next bassist is half as good as Tyler. We started working on two new songs today, one kinda slower and the latter a lot more hardcore. I'm glad we're not writing music so that every song sounds the same, cause that would be uber lame.

Chaffie's coming back TODAY, but I don't know when.
I sure hope she calls when she gets in town. :/
I miss her a lot.

die peace punks,
lame motherfuckers..

[15 Jul 2004|12:19am]
Wow, I just got the worst news in a long time.
Tyler's parents are making him go to boarding school in Mississippi, which means he cant be in Paris In Peril anymore. *tear*..this is quite tragic.
I think we have already chosen a new bass player, but im not 100% on that yet.

Paris In Peril will be much lacking without Tyler and his
oh my (insert word here) gods and his bad beavis and butthead jokes.
today is a tragic tragic day.

Anyway, someone imed me complaining that rumors are being spread about her and I and some stuff that happened a long ass time ago that she wasn't even involved in. I found it amusing, and pathetic..people nowadays complain just to complain.

I spent most of today with Caroline and John, it brought back memories from last summer.
I think I've changed alot in this past year.(comment if you think I have,and how)
I'm not depressed really,I'm just venting out how I feel.

I got new clothes,I'm awesome.

Chaffie's due back tomorrow, atleast that's something to look forward to.

"I'm falling down
And you're not here to break my fall
I shut my eyes when you're around
I hold my breath to kill the sound of your voice"

Listen to THURSDAY......I <3 them.

[14 Jul 2004|10:31pm]
Boys Night Out - A Torrid Love Affair

The first time I saw a body bend that way
I realized that we're more beautiful dead than alive
Then, with bloodied flesh removed, your rib cage ripped away
And I saw why they say beauty comes from the inside
It won't be the same
This time around
You'll never be the same again
I promise to never forget you
You'll remember me
For as long as you live
And your life ends right here, right now,
As I tear your heart apart
I'll keep your hair with me,
Wrapped around my bloody knuckles
As a soft, silken reminder
Of the day
You discovered
That even the softest words
Can't heal the deepest wounds
I pray
That they find you
And use the softest words
To hide the hardest truth
I'm covered in your blood
It's over. We're better.
One day we'll forget you
Were so right and so clever
I'm covered in your blood
It's over. We're better.
One day we'll forget you
Were so right and so clever
I'm covered in your blood
It's over. We're better.
One day we'll forget you
I'll keep your hair with me,
Wrapped around my bloody knuckles
As a soft, silken reminder
Of the day
You discovered
That even the softest words
Can't hide the hardest truth
I pray
That they find you
And use the softest words
To hide the hardest truth
[(Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer)
-If you shoot someone in the head with a .45 every time you kill somebody, it becomes like your fingerprint, see? But if you strangle one, stab another, one you cut up, one you don't, then the police don't know what to do. They think you're 4 different people. What they really want, what makes their job so much easier, is pattern. What they call a modus operandi. That's latin. Bet you didn't know any latin, did ya kid?
-(Unintelligible mumbling, most likely latin)
-It's like a trail of shit. It's like the blood droppings from a deer you shot, and all they gotta do is follow those droppings, and pretty soon, they're gonna find their deer.
-Why don't you use a gun?
-You can use a gun. I'm not saying you can't use a gun. Just don't use the same gun twice.]
Save me from this
Love affair with broken hearts
Before it's too late
Save me or save yourself
Love affair with broken hearts
Before it's too late
Me or save yourself

stolen :o [13 Jul 2004|09:49pm]
ANONYMOUSLY enter one or more numbers in a comment.

0 = I don't know you
1 = I like you
2 = I love you
3 = You're witty
4 = You annoy me
5 = I don't really care for your personality
6 = I want to eff you
7 = You're sexy like a fox
8 = I'm stalking you
9 = I want to get to know you
10 = I hope you die.
11 = Let's makeout.

happy birthday chaffie!! [13 Jul 2004|09:23pm]
today was really fun
band practice at the shed..we've really got our shit together :O
brook josh and one of ryans friends came

afterwards me,amanda,casey,tyler,brook,josh went to the mall
they played some racing game, and tyler and i messed with this girl playing ddr, she pushed me and tyler off, she was serious about her ddr

then i came home and literally chilled the rest of the day
really didn't do anything else worth mentioning..
BUT today is chaffies birthday!!!
but she's in houston at her armor for sleep concert with hallie :(
atleast she's having fun, i can't wait to see her thursday
well later kids.

[13 Jul 2004|07:26pm]

everyone join _parisinperil_.

new layout [12 Jul 2004|09:09pm]
yeah, maugie changed up my layout for me, thank you lovely.
im never happy with my layout


NEWS [12 Jul 2004|07:00pm]
paris.in.peril is playing voabc's cd release with our dear friends tuesday before monday
it will somewhere around august or september..everyone is going..so will you.

ill post when more information is presented to me..

my first day of summer [12 Jul 2004|05:59pm]
today i helped my brother move all his remaining stuff into storage.
he's in the room next to mine..atleast ill have someone to talk to in this damned house.

anyway today was like 93, holyshit

english teacher: so when you go back to como next year, you gotta make us back at laps proud. we're relying on you.
me and beau: *bursts out with laughter for a good minute*

yeah. i really dont like my english teacher

no more laps ever. i'm so happy. i hate that school so much, i havent changed my bad ways at all. good job laps..

dan's finally back from alaska, he has missed a lot. i just got off the phone with him and we're gonna do something this weekend to catch up on things.

tomorrow is band practice, so that should be fucking awesome.

basically right now i have a bad headache
im going to talk to chaffie cause shes finally online :D
she needs to come back home..she's missed.
later kids

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